What Does It Feel Like to Fall in Love? 8 Signs It’s Happening to You

It might be love.

To fall in love often brings intense emotions and an electric feeling that we cannot identify. We might experience it with a lover, a partner, or a friend. Yet we often cannot identify the experience.

We might find signs it’s happening to us. Here are experiences that might classify as falling in love.

1. You Notice Every Small Detail

Falling in love is a thing of beauty. It opens our hearts and minds in a way that nothing else can. One of the more obvious signs of falling in love is noticing every small detail in our new partner.

Everything from their favorite color to their little habits has become more noticeable. We may find ourselves remembering the smallest of details. We love looking into their eyes and studying every aspect of their face.

We can’t help but take in their every move and how they go about their day. We become enthralled in the little nuances of the everyday. This deepens our love and appreciation of our new partner and the details of their life.

2. Playing with Your Hair or Clothes

Playing with your hair or clothes may show that you are falling in love. When in the presence of the one you love, you may be more likely to run your fingers through your hair and tuck stray strands out of the way.

You may become more conscious of your clothing, choosing a flattering outfit and checking that your clothes have been pressed and that you look your best. You may fidget with clothes, such as adjusting your shirt or playing with the zip on your jeans.

These are all strong signs that you are feeling butterflies and your heart has entered a new phase of love. Playing with your hair or clothes is an outward sign of the internal changes when you fall in love.

3. You Can’t Stop Thinking About the Person

When you start feeling those butterflies in the pit of your stomach or when you can’t seem to get that special someone out of your head, these may be signs of falling in love. Nothing else matters at the moment but that person.

You can’t help but constantly smile whenever you think of them, and your heart skips a beat. Whenever you hear their name or hear them laugh, it’s like a feeling of warmth washes over you.

4. You Feel Safe

Falling in love can bring on a range of feelings, and when it comes to feeling safe, it is especially indicative of a deep emotional connection . When you start to feel safe around your partner, it can be a sign that you are truly falling in love.

You can feel a sense of emotional safety, secure in knowing that your partner will support you and have your back no matter what. Even if you are not formally committed, this sensation can be mutual, implying that you are both somewhat invested in the relationship.

You may feel ease and comfort when in their presence, which signifies a strong emotional bond. Finally, this sensation of safety can lead to greater trust and courage to explore your relationship more deeply, which further cements its meaning.

5. You Often Think About a Future With the Person

When you may be beginning to fall in love with someone, you often find yourself daydreaming and fantasizing about the future with them. You may think of what life would be like a year down the road, five years, or even life-long goals.

You may start planning vacations you want to take together or even places you want to live together. Not only are you picturing a life with this person, but you are also thinking of what the two of you together could create and accomplish in the future.

You no longer think of your future solely in terms of individual goals but now include them as part of your future goals. Thoughts of a possible future with them may arise often, and when that happens, it’s a good indication that you are falling in love.

6. You Prioritize Spending Time With Them

Falling in love is an incredible experience. When you begin to feel the rush of emotions associated with love, one of the biggest signs is the way you prioritize spending time with the person.

Suddenly, no time feels like too much when it comes to being around your beloved. You crave those moments spent together, whether going on dates, calling each other on the phone, or just going on walks with them.

Finding joy in spending time with this person is a huge sign that you’re falling for them. You feel eager to experience new full moments and be a part of their everyday lives.

7. You Feel Like a Better Person

Falling in love can make you feel like a better person. A feeling of euphoria and contentment surrounds you, leading you to believe that everything is possible and that you can do extraordinary things.

You start to feel more optimistic, take on new challenges, and become more confident in yourself. You also become more generous and kind, wanting to make your special someone happy and do things for them.

Furthermore, you lose your inhibitions when you fall in love, allowing yourself to let go and open up, even with people you have never been close to. Falling in love has a huge effect on the brain that sometimes may lead to limerence.

8. You’re More Affectionate

If you find yourself more affectionate than usual, it could be a feeling of love. You might want to cuddle, kiss, and touch your crush more than usual. Your heart races when you see or think of them, and you might have difficulty concentrating or talking around them.

You will often make it a priority to ensure they are happy and comfortable. You might even go out of your way to perform thoughtful actions throughout the day to make them feel special.

Learn the Sign of Fall in Love

Love can sweep us away and make us feel like anything is possible. Knowing the signs to fall in love can help you determine if you should act on those feelings.

If you suspect you’re feeling the signs of love, talk with a friend or write down your feelings and process the decision. Don’t wait to explore your feelings, or it may be too late. Act on your heart now and explore what love can offer you.

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