Neurodiversity Matters is run by a dedicated, hard-working and often misunderstood team of volunteers that want a better future for everyone. Most notably, our mission is to uncover a wealth of undiscovered talent, and give that talent a hub in which they can shine, create a name for themselves, and move on to bigger and better things.

Meet the contributors below!

Rob Butler aka Neurodadversity (he/him)

ADHD, Autistic and Dyspraxic

Rob is a freelancer, content creator and thought leader with a passion for thinking outside the box.

It was Rob’s own mid-life crisis and late diagnosis that propelled him into the position he’s in today under the moniker Neurodadversity. His honesty, dedication and passion for using his privilege and skills for the good in society are echoed in his unique personality and innate gift of spotting opportunities where others fail.

Rob’s hyperfixations flow between electric cars, smart home tech, John Mayer and feng shui.

Enjoy Rob’s writing on this very website, or you can visit his website supporting neurodivergent employees in the UK,!

Kyra Chambers aka PrismCat (she/her)

Autistic (PDA Profile)

Kyra Chambers was the first contributor to Neurodiversity Matters after Rob got to know her from Facebook groups. Kyra’s writing style is one-of-a-kind and is a gift gone unnoticed by the world until more recently.

Kyra has awesome coloured hair and an incredible sense of humour to match!

You can read more of Kyra’s work over at The Chambers Chronicles!

Katy Meadows (she/her)


Katy Meadows is a talented neurodivergent writer and advocate with a gift for fiction writing and floristry. Katy is one of the first contributors to Neurodiversity Matters and is keen to expand her portfolio.

Katy is known on social media for her infectious personality and love of all things pink. You can often find Katy streaming on Twitch!