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Flare Audio Calmer earbuds reduce noise sensitivity

Life-Changing Product – Flare Audio Calmer Earbuds for Misophonia

Back in 2020 I saw an advert on Facebook for some magical earbuds that supposedly helped reduce noise sensitivity and tinnitus. Like most people I was sceptical of such claims, especially on a Facebook ad.

But when I looked at the comments, I was surprised to see how many people were really into them. So I thought I’d try some for myself.

Two years later I’m writing this article about how I’ve spent over £300 on earbuds for myself and my family, something I never imagined I’d say in my lifetime. But why?

Well, here’s my experience with the Flare Audio Calmer Earbuds and how they improved my quality of life.

What are Calmer Earbuds?

Flare Audio’s Calmer earbuds are small, discreet, and comfortable hearing protection devices that fit comfortably in your ears. Unlike other ear plugs, they’re not wired and you won’t need to download an app or pair them with your smartphone. They also don’t block out all sound, just the high frequencies that trigger Misophonia, noise sensitivity and even tinnitus.

How do Calmer Earbuds work?

When we concentrate our attention on something, it becomes easier to focus on other things. When we relax our mind, we become more aware of everything around us. That is why meditation helps you to calm down and think clearly, and the Calmer buds offer a way into that mindset by removing the most distracting frequencies by reshaping your ear canal.

It’s suspected those of us who are hypersensitive to noise possess an evolutionary trait which has been passed down through generations. We have developed this trait as a survival mechanism when we were hunting animals and needed to be able to hear predators coming at us.

In a connected modern world this has proven to be much more of a hindrance than a benefit, so those of us with noise sensitivity can benefit from earbuds like these!

First Impressions

The Calmer come in recyclable packaging in the form of an eco-friendly cardboard packet, with a mesh carry bag and instructions.

The Calmer earbuds are small, but in a good way! The earbuds take an oval shape and have an antenna-like tail at the end to allow easy removal.

What I Like

Where do I begin? I can’t begin to stress how much these earbuds changed my life when I first tried them back in 2020. Here’s three main things I love about Calmer earbuds:

They Actually Work!

It’s easy to be sceptical about these kinds of things, but in reality, they have to be heard to be believed! It’s important to remember that they work best when you don’t realise you have them in – It’s only when you take them out you realise how relaxed you are! Which leads me onto my next point.

You Forget You’re Wearing Them

The earbuds are so comfortable I forget I’m wearing them all the time. To the point where I’ve left them in overnight for days on end (Note, this isn’t recommended as your ears need to breathe). But I see that as a testament to how comfortable they really are

Excellent Value for Money

Coming in at just under £20 in the UK and $30 in the USA, the Calmer buds are a bargain. Whatever your use case you’ll make £20 back in ways you can’t imagine.

Maybe you’re more productive at work and get more shift hours, or you get better grades at college since you can focus better. Or if you’re like me you’re happier wearing them and so don’t overeat, saving money there too!

What I Don’t Like

If your ears are different sizes like mine, you may find that one earbud fits nicer than the other.

For me, this isn’t a huge issue on the Calmer range since they’re soft and flexible enough to accommodate this. But on the Pro version (which will be featured in another review) I do have some issues with my right ear, so I only wear those for two-three hours maximum.

But I can’t fault the original Calmer range. These work like an absolute dream!

Flare Audio’s Returns Policy is a Deal-Breaker

One of my biggest gripes with products like this is when they give you a measly return window for health and safety reasons. But not Flare Audio who are so convinced you’ll get on with their earbuds they offer an incredibly generous 100-day returns policy.

Why that’s so vital is because the earbuds do take some getting used to. They aren’t an instant fix like some may have you believe. I found that it took me a day or two to really familiarise myself with how they work and now I can’t stop wearing them!

Get 15% off Flare Audio’s life-changing range of earbuds today and let them change your life like they have changed mine!

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