9 Fun ADHD and Autism Fidget Toys for Ultimate Stress Relief

The Neurodivergent mind’s greatest asset is curiosity. The ability to think outside the box and bring new ideas to the table is unbeaten.

But in order to bring those ideas to life, many sensory seekers head for the Autism Fidget Toys. That’s because people with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) are sensory seekers. It’s the reason they’re always on the move, trying to get the Serotonin flowing when it’s most needed.

But for many, fidgeting is also a release of anxiety, and in some cases, a form of self-harm. So if you or your loved one needs something to keep their hands busy, then check out these 9 ADHD and Autism Fidget Toys that we use on a regular basis.

1. Fidget Spinners – Most Popular Sensory Fidget Items With Children

By now you’ve probably heard of fidget spinners. These popular items are everywhere from Christmas crackers to classrooms and even in celebrity culture. And, the range of fidget spinners keeps growing each day.

They also come in different shapes and sizes, and even different weights for optimal spinning, making them great for anyone of all ages to enjoy.

2. Infinity Cube – Premium Quality Fidget Cube

This fidget cube is brilliant. It’s the preferred choice for those with tactile fidgets.

Tactile fidgeters conduct their sensory seeking through touch and feel, so compared to some others on the list, the fidget cube is more of a stress relief hand toy that improves adult and child focus alike.

3. 12-Side Fidget Cube – Stress Relief for Tactile Experiences

The 12-sided Fidget Cube takes the traditional cube and offers an even greater variety of textures and fidget tools all in one cube. For example, some sides make a subtle clicking noise, while others offer a silent fidget experience, great for when you’re in a meeting or an exam, for example. Different materials are also used to give different textures to play with.

4. Original Flippy Chain Fidget Toy – Perfect for Keeping Your Fingers Busy

Author’s favourite of the Autism fidget toys here. Great for irritating family members, this one satisfies those who enjoy a clicking sound as well as finger-fidgeting.

5. Chewelry – Best for Oral Motor Fidgets

Oral fidgeting is very common in kids and adults with ASD in particular. When the anxiety is rife, those with ASD and ADHD find non-food items to try and curb the anxiety. Ties, necklaces, pens and cuffs are all common chew tools. 

So to avoid embarrassment or damage to teeth and the chewed item, many companies have started specializing in chewelry, a form of jewelry dedicated to oral motor fidgets.

From a sensory perspective, the chewelry normally has a rubbery texture to avoid any damage to the teeth, and come in all shapes and sizes, from discreet traditional designs to chewnicorns and chewnisaurs for kids.

6. – Best for Sensory Processing Disorder and Visual Fidgeters

7. Fidget Popper Stress Reliever Toys – Best For A Strong Relationship With Noise

Not every fidgeter sensory seeks with their hands. Ever heard of ASMR?

Well, that’s why these fidget popper stress reliever toys are the best Autism fidget toys for anyone who is predisposed to seeking certain noises.

8. Koosh Balls – Top of the List for Tactile Input

For those who require more sensory input or struggle with motor skills, then fidget toys that act more as sensory items are an ideal choice. Textured fidget toys that don’t require much movement, but can offer a tactile experience through tactile input are perfect.

But they’re also great for fidgeters of any kind.

9. – Sensory Fidget  that Supports Sensory Processing Disorder 

Autism Fidget Toys and Products for Everyone

As you can see, there’s plenty of highly rated, well-priced products that everyone who needs ADHD or Autism fidget toys can enjoy.

It’s a sad truth that for many, children in classrooms are misunderstood; their agitation isn’t from boredom, but anxiety and a desire to develop their mind into something bigger. Therefore the ideal ASD and Auto

As the role of fidget toys becomes more universally accepted as a valid everyday therapy for stress relief and sensory overstimulation, 

Keep reading our blog for more lifestyle tips to help calm the anxiety of Neurodiversity!