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Infinity cubes make fantastic fidget toys!
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7 Super-Satisfying Sensory Fidget Toys for Autism and ADHD Stimming

The Neurodivergent mind’s greatest asset is curiosity. The ability to think outside the box and bring new ideas to the table is unbeaten.

But in order to bring those ideas to life, many sensory seekers head for a fidget toy. That’s because people with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) are sensory seekers that need a little extra to regulate concentration. It’s the reason they are always on the move, trying to get the Serotonin and Dopamine flowing when it’s most needed.

But for many, the benefits of fidgeting provide an outlet. Fidgeting can enable a release of anxiety, and in some cases, alleviate the temptations of self-harm. So if you or your loved one needs something to keep their hands busy, then check out 7 of the best Autism fidget toys that we use on a regular basis.

1. Fidget Spinner – Most Popular Sensory Fidget Toy for Children with Autism

gigilli spinner spinners anxiety sensory

By now you’ve probably heard of fidget spinners. These popular items are everywhere from Christmas crackers to classrooms and even in celebrity culture. And, the range of fidget spinners keeps growing each day.

The classic fidget toy also comes in different shapes and sizes, and even different weights for optimal spinning, making them great for anyone of all ages to enjoy. Just like stress balls, these all-time classics are great for anyone with anxiety or sensory issues.

The benefits of fidgets like these allow the user to distract themselves from whatever is on their mind by using physical activity to create an alternative outlet for focus, creating a sense of calm. Plus, they help stimulate dopamine through heightened sensory seeking.

Our personal favourite is this bubble pop fidget spinner with its vibrant colors that combines two of our favorite fidget toys in one!!!

2. Infinity Cube – Best for Busy Hands

infinity fidgeting spinner anxiety fingers

The infinity fidget cube is brilliant. These are the preferred sensory fidget toys for adults and older children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Especially if you prefer tactile stimulation and need to keep your hands busy and are looking for an anxiety-relief fidget toy.

Fidgeters who benefit from heightened tactile awareness conduct their sensory seeking through touch and feel, aka tactile stimulation. So compared to some others on the list, the infinity cube encourages beneficial stimming as more of a stress relief hand sensory toy that improves adult and child focus alike.

An infinity cube can come in many different styles – We love the one in our picture because of the way it’s marketed towards adults, especially great for a professional setting. But like so many fidget toys out there, so there’s something for neurodivergent people no matter who they are!

3. 12-Side Fidget Cube Stress Relief – Best for Hands-On Children

moshnoly dodecagon decompression relieves anxiety

The 12-sided fidget cube takes the traditional cube and offers an even greater variety of textures and sensory tools all in one cube. For example, some sides make a subtle clicking noise, while others offer a silent fidget experience, great for when you’re in a meeting or an exam, for example. Different materials are also used to give different textures to play with.

The great thing about this type of fidget cube is that if you’re used to sensory balls or cubes, the idea of having something in your hand will be familiar. But while stress balls are great for keeping your hands busy, those of us with fidgety fingers need a little more than a stress ball to cope with anxiety and sensory overload that comes with being neurodivergent!

Having multiple fidget options at once is enough to satisfy anyone with ADHD. Whether hyperfocusing or distracted, having so many fidget options keeps this ADHD fidget toy well-used through the most anxious times. Plus, because of it’s size, it’s also one of the most popular fidget toys amongst autistic adults.

4. Original Flippy Chain Fidget Toys and Puzzles – Metal Material for Finger Fun

dblosp fidget flippy stress anxiety

Here’s one of the author’s favorite fidgets for keeping those fingers busy. Great for irritating family members, the flippy chain fidget toy is the one that satisfies those who enjoy a clicking sound as well as finger-fidgeting. This kind of fidget tool often comes as part of an anti-anxiety sensory fidget pack, but you can get them individually too.

It’s quite easy to forget when buying a gift for an autistic loved one that sensory stimulation often needs to stimulate multiple senses at the same time. And the great thing about these are that, even for people with sensory processing disorders who suffer from sensory overload, in the right conditions, these flip chains can satisfy not only tactile input, but also cognitive distraction.

For example, if you’re in a quiet room and feeling under stimulated or anxiety is running high, the clicking noise stimulates the ears, the metal provides visual stimulation and a sense of calm. As well as tactility through the coldness of metal, you also get the movement stimulation from the fidget toy itself.

5. Chewelry – Silicone Jewery for Calm and Relief from Sensory Overload

necklace silicone teething chewelry unicorn

Oral motor fidgets are one of the most popular therapeutic devices amongst the Autism community. When the anxiety is rife, individuals with Autism sensory issues may find non-food items to try and curb the anxiety. Ties, necklaces, pens and cuffs are all common oral motor fidgets and of all the sensory experiences, give the biggest sense of calm.

So to avoid embarrassment or damage to teeth and the chewed item, many companies have started specializing in oral motor fidgets specially designed for physical and oral stimulation. These companies have created Chewelry, a form of jewelry dedicated to oral motor stims that balance form and function. It’s designed to be a safe, non-toxic toy for children and adults to put in their mouths without fear of injury.

From a sensory experience, the Chewelry normally has a rubbery texture to avoid any damage to the teeth, and come in all shapes and sizes and bright colors, from discreet traditional designs to chewnicorns and chewnisaurs for kids.

Check out this set of 5 chewelry assortments here!

6. Bubble Fidget Pop Tubes and Sensory Toys – A Great Gift for Children with Autism

fidget stuffers birthday fillers sensory bubble pop bag

Not every fidgeter sensory seeks with their hands. Ever heard of ASMR? Well, as we mentioned in the flippy chain description, autistic individuals have not only a heightened tactile stimulation but also sensory awareness too.

Well, that’s why when it comes to fidget toys for anyone on the Autism spectrum, fidget popper stress reliever sensory toys, like a bubble fidget pop keychain with bright colors, are one of the most popular fidgets for anyone who is predisposed to seeking certain noises.

There’s something so satisfying about pop bubbles and tubes that make it one of our favorite sensory fidget toys to play with. They also provide a calming input for anyone with sensory sensitivity and overwhelm as well. Some are designed to fit on a belt loop using a carabiner clip, making them easy to take with you wherever you are!

And what’s better, wait until you see this fidget popper bag! Kids no longer need to put up with the classic pop sound fidget otherwise known as disused bubble wrap popping. Instead, they can take their popper with all its bright colors with them wherever they go. And, they’ll have somewhere to put all their other fidget toys too!

7. Koosh Ball – Stress Balls for Sensory Processing Disorders

hibery stringy sensory fidgets colorful koosh ball

For those who require more sensory input or struggle with motor skills, then fidget toys that act more as sensory items are an ideal choice. Textured fidget toys and stress balls that don’t require much movement, but can offer a sensory experience through their tactile senses are perfect. They’re also great for children with visual impairments as a result!

Stress balls are so popular because they’re multipurpose. As well as helping you relax by exerting energy, stress balls can also provide a textural stimulation, as well as engage you in play by throwing stress balls to another person (just try not to throw it at them, of course!).

There’s something so satisfying about the Koosh balls in particular that hits the stim spot every time! Not only that, this anti-stress sensory toy is great for helping younger kids with social interaction since they can engage in play with other young children too.

Autism Fidget Toys and Products for Everyone

As you can see, there’s plenty of highly rated, well-priced products that everyone who needs ADHD or Autism fidget toys can enjoy.

It’s a sad truth that for many, children in classrooms are misunderstood; their agitation isn’t from boredom, but constantly high anxiety levels and a burning desire to develop their mind into something bigger.

As the role of these fidget toys becomes more universally accepted as a valid everyday therapy for stress relief and sensory overstimulation, they’re becoming more of an essential part of everyday life and making us all feel that little less overwhelmed!

Keep reading our blog for more lifestyle tips to help calm the anxiety of Neurodiversity!

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