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Barking Sycamores was a Neurodivergent literary journal that was published in the 2010s.

Please note this project is not affiliated with the existing iteration of, nor its associated projects. We’re actually a different project altogether. We bought the website when the old one expired in 2021.

Where Can I Find the Literature of Barking Sycamores?

Barking Sycamores specialised in the niche of Neuroqueer literature. Like us, they shared a vision of promoting Neurodiverse talent in the creative space where existing models don’t always allow the creative freedom and expression needed to thrive.

We’ve left the link open because although it was part of a different project, we love the fact it embraces Neurodiversity as much as we do.

We think they’re great. Click here for a collection of their finest work available on Amazon. If you click the link, not only do you support great literature, but we may also get a small cut from Amazon which means we can keep this website going.

Thanks and keep reading for more inspiring content by talented neurocreatives!

Barking Sycamores – Glasses on a Book