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Is Amazon Kids + All-In-One Subscription Service Worth It?

Amazon’s Kids + Program is a subscription service that offers unlimited access to movies, TV shows, and books for children. The service is designed to help parents manage their children’s screen time by providing a variety of educational and fun content that can be accessed through a variety of devices.

This program will allow children to use their Amazon account to access digital content via apps on Amazon devices such as Amazon Fire TV, Kindle Fire, and a library of books on Kindle readers. There are reviews and lists for different age groups and topics which parents can view to help them decide what type of shows or apps are good for their children.

How Does Amazon Kids + Work?

Amazon’s new kids program allows parents to set up profiles for their children and then select from thousands of kid-friendly books, videos, and apps that they want their children to have access to. The program is designed to make it easier for parents to manage their children’s media consumption and to help children learn to use Amazon’s services.

The program itself is simple to use and a great way to monitor your child’s screen time: just find it on one of the platforms mentioned above and start watching! Amazon’s Kids+ will help parents track their kids’ digital footprint and give them insights into their habits.

What are the Benefits of Amazon Kids +?

As a parent, it can be difficult to keep track of what your kids are into and what they’re using their devices for. Amazon Kids + is here to help! With Amazon Kids +, you can access reviews, lists, and information about popular devices and apps for children.

Amazon Parent Dashboard

Parents can find out what children like and don’t like via the Amazon Parent Dashboard. The Amazon Parent Dashboard allows you to connect all of your Amazon accounts into one place, great if you have more than one child as you can keep their viewing habits separate while managing it all in one place.

Screen Time Limits

Parents can monitor what their children are doing online through an app and set daily limits  for kids’ screen time. Restricting access to specific apps and games will help them learn how to manage their own devices over time as you can tailor and change these times to the individual child.

To prevent your child from spending too much time on his/her device, you can not only set screen time limits but also create an educational goal for them. For example, you could say, “You must spend at least two hours each evening doing homework.” Then, you would set educational goals for your child to achieve before they go to bed.

Age Filters

Thanks to the age filters included, you can remove unwanted items from your child’s library or even better, prevent children of certain age ranges from having access to thousands of videos and games in the first place. You can also filter by keywords to block out certain video titles.

Age-appropriate content usage is one of the biggest concerns amongst parents, and Amazon takes this very seriously on the service, even where educational content is involved as well. That’s especially true for age-appropriate books such as Audible books with educational content, which isn’t every parent’s first thought when it comes to online safety.

Learn First

Parents can choose how long children can play before bedtime by setting a timer or limit screen time based on age. Amazon Kids will shut off automatically once the child reaches the desired goal without you needing to shut the entire internet off in your home.

Individual Profiles

Kids can log into their own accounts via an app or browser. Each of the individual child profiles will include information about the child’s interests, likes, dislikes, and favourite movies, music, video games. But for security reasons there’s a strong level of privacy involved, of which you have control as the parent.

Books, Games, and Videos Available On the Go

Your kids can enjoy their favourite videos from an ever-growing library of content without having to worry about missing out on anything. Not only is it available on PC but you can also get it on compatible devices such as tablets and mobile devices too! This feature is currently free for all parents who subscribe to Amazon Kids + so you don’t need to miss out!

Kid-Friendly Browser

You can also allow your kids access to a web browser that’s kid-friendly and easy to use, and most of all, safe to use as well.

There are thousands of websites that have been approved as child-friendly, a wide range of which are used in educational settings. So there’s no reason your kid shouldn’t be allowed to explore their intellectual side without you fearing they’ll see something they shouldn’t.

About the Amazon Parent Dashboard

As mentioned above, one of the best things about Kids + is the ability to set parental controls. Parental controls allow parents to manage what their children see online.

How Do I Manage My Child’s Content?

There are many different ways to control access on the Amazon Parent Dashboard to certain sites or apps and filter age-appropriate content. The service includes filters such as age, language and violence levels.

Controls for Daily Time Limits for Devices

When setting daily time limits, there are three different settings available:

1. Total Screen Time Specify how many hours your child will spend watching TV/video/movies/games per day.

2. Weekday Usage Choose between limiting usage during weekday mornings, afternoons, evenings, or both.

3. Weekend Usage Choose between limiting weekend usage, either morning, afternoon, evening, or both.

Choose how much time you want them to spend on each activity type. It’s up to you!

In-App Purchasing and Amazon Store Access

Store access allows your kid to buy things without your approval. That said, your kid needs your permission to install apps or play games based on filters that you control, so depending on the child and their age, you have the ability to be as flexible as you wish with their access.

Do note however that any parental controls designed for Amazon Kids + do not apply to non-Amazon apps, so make sure you do your due diligence elsewhere online!

How to Sign Up for Amazon Kids +

If you’re a parent with children who are not old enough to shop on Amazon, then the new Amazon Kids+ program may be of interest to you. This program offers a one-month trial for members and unlimited access for one child. It’s a great way to introduce your kids to the online world in a safe and secure environment.

Amazon offers free trial trials in order to try out the service before deciding whether it is worth purchasing full-time. To sign up for Amazon Kids+, just visit its website and follow these simple steps:

1) Click on “Sign Up” and enter your email address.

2) Choose whether you want to sign up for a monthly or yearly plan.

3) Enter your payment information.

4) Review the terms and conditions and click “Create Account.”

You can also sign up for Amazon Kids+ by saying “Alexa, upgrade my subscription,” or just upgrading your existing plan if you’re already a member of its Prime service.

Amazon Kids + is a Must-Have for the Family

There are no special requirements to sign up for the Amazon Kids + service. The monthly subscription is open to parents and legal guardians 18 years of age or older.

So why wait? Click here to sign up for your one-month free trial period today!

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