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What is Amazon Prime Gaming, and How Is It Linked to Twitch and Amazon Luna?

Chances are if you’re like most neurodivergent people (or your kids are) then you’re really into video games! But did you know Amazon Prime has its own gaming service, that links in with Twitch? Well now you do!

But what exactly is it, and why is it such a hidden gem? Find out more (and some secret offers) in our guide to Amazon Prime Gaming below!

What is Amazon Prime Gaming?

Amazon Prime Gaming is an extension of Amazon Prime, which gives you unlimited photo storage, access to Amazon Music, two-day shipping on millions of items, and other exclusive deals and perks. Members get access to exclusive in-game loot including extra game content via game codes, a free Twitch channel subscription and more.

Members also receive free game codes each month for no additional cost. This is probably in itself worth the subscription fee, even for those who don’t have a Twitch account! What’s even better is with Amazon Prime, students get 6 months free and a discounted price afterwards too!

Amazon Prime Gaming: Benefits

Prime members get access to tons of free games every month. This includes the latest PC, Mac and there’s also a selection of games from Xbox. Titles like Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition, Facility 47, Hero’s Hour, Warhammer II, and WRC 9 were among the free games in November 2022.

You also get access to exclusive in game loot from games such as the Fifa series, Roblox, League of Legends, and Fall Guys. These include skins, emotes, and other goodies. These are usually only available for a limited time, but they’re worth checking out if you want something extra special. They really add something extra to the PC gaming experience for no extra cost!

If you have a Twitch account, you can even get a free Twitch subscription to any Twitch Partner or or Affiliate channel (regular subscriptions cost $4.99) just by signing up for Amazon Prime Gaming’s subscription service. So if you’re not signed up to Amazon, but you find yourself subbing to your favorite Twitch streamer, then it’s definitely worth a look. You’ll get a chat badge and chat privileges as well as ad-free viewing!

What is Amazon Luna?

Amazon Luna is a US-only cloud gaming service similar to the revamped Sony PS Plus, Nvidia’s GeForce Now, and the ill-fated Google Stadia. The idea behind Amazon Luna is that you pay a membership fee of $9.99 per month for non-Prime members, and you get access to over 100 games online.

The catch is that these games aren’t always new releases, so you’ll need to check back often to see what’s coming next. But, if you’re lucky enough to be based in the United States, Amazon Luna comes free with the Amazon Prime membership service. So in that respect it truly is worth it!

How do I sign up for Amazon Prime Gaming?

The easiest way to sign up is to sign up for the additional benefits of Amazon Prime is by clicking this link! Alternatively you can sign up on mobile devices such as iPhone or Android devices using the Amazon app.

But you can also sign up for Amazon Prime Gaming via your Amazon account settings page. Once there, click ‘Games & Apps’ at the top right-hand corner, then scroll down until you see ‘Add Game Services’. Click this, enter your email address, and follow the instructions.

Once signed up, you will receive a welcome email with details on how to redeem your first code. You can use these codes to download any games from the Amazon store.

Amazon Prime Gaming: Price

Prime Gaming is free with an Amazon Prime subscription, but you can get it separately for $5.99 a month, which isn’t much more than a Twitch subscription on its own! Essentially, you’re paying a couple of dollars for the in-game items and free game codes each month.

But if you can stretch to it, we recommend an Amazon Prime subscription for a little extra (or sign up using their free, 30-day Prime trial). Prime gives you an all-in experience with all the benefits of shopping on Amazon such as Amazon Music Unlimited, Amazon Video, Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods, Lightning Deals and more.

Can I Cancel My Prime Subscription At Any Time?

Yes, one of Prime’s best features is that you can easily stop using the monthly subscription options whenever you want without having to worry about any sneaky trickery, and you get to keep your in-game items (though you may lose access to your favorite games whether on PC or game consoles until you sign back up again).

Many users who’ve had contact with the Prime support staff say they’re very helpful. If you run into any issues, contacting them is a good idea.

You can test out Amazon Prime games on a 30-day free trial before deciding if you want to continue paying the membership fee.

Sign Up to Amazon Prime Gaming Today!

So whether you’re looking to save money or simply enjoy playing new games, Amazon Prime Gaming is a great option. And if you already have a Twitch account, it makes sense to combine both services together.

It’s easy to sign up, and you don’t need to pay anything extra to try it out. Plus, you can cancel anytime you want. Remember, Amazon offer a free, 30-day Prime trial so you don’t need to even spend any money to try it out!

Prime Gaming’s never looked so tempting!

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