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Who We Are

We’re Tes, a group of four Autistic people occupying the same transgender male body. That means we’re a multiple personality system. As a collective, we’re Black, Autistic, trans, queer and disabled. The four people who will be contributing writing to craft the Teselecta Multiverse are: Ian Nicholson, Nico Talorien St. John, Jason Ian MacDonald, and Asatira Monáe Jones. This public blog will primarily house essays, some fiction, and a bit of poetry. If you want access to all our work, as well as a small swell of pride that comes with saying “I supported their work!”, we suggest supporting us on Patreon.

Why “The Teselecta Multiverse?”

Because we’re a flesh version of the Teselecta, a “humanoid starship/time machine” that exists in the Doctor Who universe. Like that Teselecta, which was piloted by a group of humanoids through spacetime, this body is also piloted by multiple people. The name of our multiple system is Tes, a shortened version of Teselecta. Also, we’re creating multiple universes in print and art, and this blog and our Patreon are access entry points. Hence, a multiverse.


N.I. (Ian) Nicholson founded Barking Sycamores, a journal publishing neurodivergent literature, in 2014. Besides serving as an editor for Sycamores, he is also the Coordinating Editor for Autonomous Press‘ NeuroQueer Books imprint. Ian’s poetry and essays have appeared in Assaracusqarrtsiluni, Alphanumericand GTK JournalRecent editorial work also includes co-editing the 2015 Spoon Knife Anthology as well as the Summer 2014 Issue of Red Wolf Journal. Ian graduated in 2016 with his MFA in Creative Writing from Ashland University. Ian lives in Central Ohio with his fiancé and Barking Sycamores co-editor, and is currently in the process of regenerating.

His next collection of poems, Time Travel in a Closet, is scheduled for release in Summer 2017 from NeuroQueer Books.