Our Patreon’s Going Bye-Bye. Here’s Why.

So…if you’re a fellow Patreon creator or you’ve heard others who you support talk about the new fee structure that goes into effect on December 18, you have some sense of the uproar over the platform’s decision. At the Teselecta Multiverse, we’re not happy about this impending change either.

It’s being packaged as something that benefits creators, with creators only seeing a flat 5% deducted from their pledges. However, a December 2017 Engadget report points out that the new fees will impact $1 and $5 supporters much worse than those who give $10 or more. And the more creators you support at the $1 and $5 levels, the exponentially higher your extra fees become.

As a collective of creators, we don’t feel this is fair to the folks who have supported us over the last year. If y’all were to drop your pledges, we’d totally understand. And given this move on Patreon’s part, the only logical and ethical thing we feel we can do is to shut down our Patreon.

What does this mean? Effectively immediately, no more new content will be available on our page. Also, our page will shut down no later than end of day Friday, December 15.

If you were a current patron as of 12/9/17, you’ll receive instructions via Patreon’s messaging platform on how to get digital copies of the content that we rolled out to your reward tier prior to that date. If for some reason you miss that message once our Patreon goes dark, hit us up via comment moderation or by email at tesmultiverse AT gmail DOT com. You’ll also get one more piece of content this month from me delivered directly to you via the contact channel of your choice.

What can you do to keep us going? We’ve adopted a new approach, starting today.

1) Sign up for our mailing list. Just use this handy link and follow the prompts.

2) Support us by donating to our Ko-Fi account! There are “Buy Me a Coffee” buttons on our blog, and here’s the direct link to our Ko-Fi page.

3) In return for each donation, you’ll get private, exclusive access to one of the following rewards:

  • Two poems
  • Two flash fiction pieces (1,000 words or less each)
  • One hybrid genre single work or installment of around 2,000 words
  • One erotic fiction single-shot story (around 2,500 words)
  • Two erotic fiction installments (between 2,000 and 2,500 words per installment)

Once we get a message that you’ve donated, we’ll reach out to you to deliver your reward.

A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who supported us in 2017. May 2018 bring renewed creativity and rewards for our labors.





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