50+ Autistic People You Should Know

Howdy folks! So, a list of 50+ Autistics people you should know was compiled by Finn Gardiner and published by NOS Magazine earlier this week. It’s not exhaustive, but it does contain a LOT of Autistic artists, professionals, and activists. We appear on the list, along with our Autonomous Press partners Puzzlebox Collective, Dani Alexis Ryskamp, and Nick Walker, who with Andrew Reichart and Mike Bennewitz are creating the Weird Luck universe.


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The Teselecta Multiverse are a multiple collective consisting of Ian Nicholson, Nico St. John, Asatira Monae Jones, and Jason Ian MacDonald. They are autistic people in a Black, trans male body creating poetry, fiction, essays, and erotica about disability, transness, the intersections between disability and race, multiplicity, personhood, and language,