The Spoon Knife Anthology: Thoughts on Compliance, Defiance, and Resistance
2016, Autonomous Press • N. I. Nicholson & M. S. Monje, editors
Includes “Kelly’s Blackbird,” a short story/memoir by Nick

Imaginary Friends
2016, NeuroQueer Books • Michael Scott Monje, author
Includes an afterword by Nick entitled “Calvin and Clay, the Protective Manipulations of the Unconscious, and Friends of Ambiguous Ontological Status”

The Real Experts: Readings for Parents of Autistic Children
2015, Autonomous Press • Michelle Sutton, editor
Includes a foreword by Nick and two of his essays, “What Is Autism?” and “This Is Autism”

2015, Autonomous Press • Michael Scott Monje, author
Includes a foreword by Nick

Uncommon Minds: Autism Poetry, Prose, and Short Stories
2014, Kaegi Publishing • Cynthia Drucker, editor
Includes Nick’s essay, “What Is Autism?”

Loud Hands: Autistic People, Speaking
2012, The Autistic Press • Julia Bascom, editor
Includes the original version of Nick’s definitive essay on the neurodiversity paradigm, “Throw Away the Master’s Tools: Liberating Ourselves from the Pathology Paradigm”

Scholars with Autism: Achieving Dreams
2012, Auricle Books • Lars Perner, editor
Includes a chapter by Nick entitled “Aikido, Somatics, and the Liberation of the Autistic Self”

Towards an Archeology of the Soul
2003, Vertical Pool • Antero Alli, author
Includes an early essay/memoir by Nick entitled “On Being Slippery”