Recovery is Rough

Or, Why We Haven't Been Here

My legs in stockings

As we enter another foul April and the autism awareness trolls come out of the woodwork to try to convince people like me that we would be better off infantilized or dead, it’s easy to slip into a sense of hopelessness. What’s saving me this April is the fact that I am finally starting to see some improvement in my health and my ability to deliver work consistently. I’m still having days where I go down, but increasingly I am still able to accomplish some small tasks and to keep everything from sliding off. And that’s great, because if I can handle 2 hours of real effort spread across the day, I can at least avoid coming back with no idea what is going on.

Financially, things have been harder. I’ve been bootstrapping my income upward, but life is simply in an expensive spot for me right now, and that has led to my being less available for entrepreneurial projects like a blog. If you’d like to help with that, then there are ways to support me. You can subscribe to my Patreon and you can buy my books. Shortly, you will also be able to find me performing in other venues as well.

The Cost of Transition

I knew that I would be ripping the band-aid off my debt management when I started transition, but even I didn’t predict that things would mount the way they have, because I didn’t predict the other diagnoses and health issues I have had to finally deal with as a result of medical transition. I’m not complaining–I have resources that are allowing me to access these medical steps as quickly as I can be ushered through the gatekeeping. But it has necessitated some re-evaluations of myself as an artist, my goals, and the ways I can use my body for revolutionary acts.

To that end, I’m announcing today that I’ve officially embraced revolutionary sex work to fund my transition and other goals. You can subscribe to adults-only tiers of my Patreon ($10, $20, and $50) for pictures, videos, and all access passes that include all of my erotic work and all of my literary work. And since you know Athena Monday is two of us, you know you’re getting a collaboration–Athena in the eye of the lens, and Monday directing. You’ll also get to see Lynn work over her Mitten from time to time.

BDSM is a performative lifestyle and an aesthetic one. It’s one that when embraced fully, can allow a person to live entirely within communicative performance behaviors, or as the hippies would say, with mindfulness. And by integrating our erotic expressions into Puzzlebox Collective ventures, we are embracing our commitment to the lifestyle in a way that is public and that supports our other goals.

You will find us discussing this journey on Kink Talk on this site, as well as on Patreon. We are AthenaLynnTG on FetLife, for those who wish to connect there.

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What happens when you take a group of kinky writers with an interior set of dynamics and a 24/7 approach and you give them a platform? They start to worry about their employers finding out about things. That's why the PBC writes all of our kink from a female perspective and under the name Athena Monday. You know it's one of us, but the question each time is which one?

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