Review for Time Traveling Blues in the City of the Watcher (Book 2)

cover of TIme Traveling Blues by Andrew Reichart

The second book in the Weird Luck series shows us more or less the same events as the first, but from the point of view of the older version of the protagonist, operating on the other side of the time loop. Unlike many Weird novels, it manages to keep both its reality-splitting chains of causality and its clarity of message to the audience while maintaining the breakneck pace and manic emotional atmosphere that thriller readers will love.

This exploration of both the Cannibal King’s nature and the rules of the world we inhabit is much clearer than in the first volume, which makes sense considering the relative knowledge of the character. Where the first was a bewildering mystery that transported us to an unfamiliar landscape with the main character, this second volume finds Aleck manipulating the social fabric of that same society in an attempt to engineer a future he has not already seen, and that makes it a much higher-stakes adventure for the reader.

Make no mistake–this is not a comparison between the two books, because they essentially operate in separate genres while continuing one story. That variety and nuance just adds to the other Weird elements in the book–the occultism, multiple worlds, time travel–to create a mosaic image of a world very unlike our own. Either book is great, but read them back to back for a real experience.

All of the novels currently in print also act as prequels to the new Weird Luck webcomic, and they also tie into various short stories written by the webcomic creators, so if you are interested in further adventures in this universe, there is a lot more to explore. In fact, I have it on good authority that the webcomic will finally answer what happens to Beth and Aleck after the events of this book.

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