New Policies on Patreon! (Charity Donation Drive!)

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Hi there! If you’ve been liking the new blog, we’re glad. We know things have been rough around here, but we’re setting up the network on crip time, and unfortunately we used up all the fast crip time on AutPress, so we’ve been tired a good portion of the time. Luckily, we’ve also been doing what we need to do to keep the ball rolling, which means things are coming together nicely. You might notice a few banner ads here and there, and there will be more of them to come, and more consistently across the network.

Today’s big change is on the Puzzlebox Collective Patreon. When we first launched, we didn’t know quite how to mesh the blog and the Patreon content to reward our subscribers, but here is where we are:

  • Patreon subscribers will be the exclusive recipients of new creative work, at least for now.
  • Here on Cyborg Workshop, we will be posting regular blog-type posts, and on a more regular schedule. We’re now going to be putting up content on an average of once every 3 days. Sometimes we might get delayed, but between the 5 of us, we should be able to keep features moving better if we stick to that schedule pretty regularly.
  • Unlimited Blog Feed subscribers on Patreon ($1) will see a post rounding up the Cyborg Workshop feed twice a month, with links in digest form, to keep things organized.
  • We’re still putting together the rest of the network, so if you have been waiting on a prospectus or an invitation to blog with us, hang on! We’re getting to you! This is just a very small project with a staff made up entirely of autistic people at the moment.

Last but not least, there is one more special surprise.

The Puzzlebox Collective is Donating to Charity

You read that right. Times are hard for the LGBT community, and every single Puzzlebox Collective member is a trans person who came out to themself as a teen and then decided that times were too hard, the economics were hopeless, or it was just not going to be safe. Now that we are all out and pursuing a future we can live wit, we want to help make a world where other trans kids don’t feel like they are out of options, because a lot of us don’t make it. Honestly, if we had not had one another, the Collective might not have made it. At one point or another, every member has had to restrain at least one of the others and sit with them, and we’re lucky we didn’t lose anyone before we all got out.

That’s why we are donating to¬†The Trevor Project¬†to help LGBT youth. For every patron we have at the $20 tier each month, we are going to send a $5 donation. For every one at the $50 tier, we will be sending $10. That’s how we are going to work to make a world where kids like we were will be safer and happier.

Click on the button below to join The Puzzlebox Collective. Posts go up an average of every 4 days, with every 2 to 3 posts collecting the Unlimited Blog Feed and the rest rotating between subscription tiers. In fact, we put up a new post today.

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Michael Scott Monje, Jr. is the youngest member of The Puzzlebox Collective, and was its founder. Being a perpetual little, Princess will remain our youngest member even if we recruit. She is the author of the novel Nothing is Right and the co-author of Defiant, Imaginary Friends, Mirror Project, and The US Book. Those early Puzzlebox works were released solely under her name initially, but included work from Monday Dillon, Athena Lynn Michaels-Dillon, and "Clay" Dillon. She is currently writing Gaslight Village with Athena and has plans to retire from everything but the occasional blog post on the network.

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