Weird Luck, City of the Watcher Book 1 (Review)

Andrew Reichart’s first novel is a bewildering, dazzling mix of familiar entities and tropes and a completely unfamiliar, unsettling world. In that respect, it’s just what urban fantasy should be. It comes on strong with a protagonist (Aleck) whose mysterious transportation to Kaios provides us with a neat and easy to identify quest–the voyage home.

From there, the book becomes increasingly less predictable and more interesting, as Aleck’s involvement with characters from this world begins to fulfill prophecy as it entangles him in political intrigue he can not fully understand. In the end, his choices lead him home again, but the transformation he undergoes along the way makes him practically unrecognizable to those who knew him before.

I am really looking forward to the second book in the series, which I’m starting tonight. I’m also really glad to have this author and this series coming onboard at Autonomous Press.

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