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So what happens when you take a group of writers with a devotion to the BDSM lifestyle and a 24/7 dynamic that organizes their collective hierarchy and you give them a platform? Well, to be honest, the first thing they do is worry about their employers and parents figuring out what’s going on. Whether that’s a concern they really need to worry about or not, it does stand out. That’s why we’re going to be using Athena Monday whenever one of us wants to write about our exploits, talk about techniques, or even put out public service messages about experiences and whatnot.

For the most part, we’re going to be doing a lot of discussion about the things we like and our progress through them, with more than a little erotic memoir. Puzzlebox Collective members are also going to be producing monthly shorts on the Amazon Kindle platform, which you can subscribe to directly on our Patreon or purchase as they drop, directly from your Kindle.

Last but not least: We are an advice column. If you want to know something about the lifestyle, ask away. If the Collective has no experience with it, Athena Monday will do her research and come back with a well-sourced answer that provides the best combination of safety and stimulation we can manage.

Go ahead. Ask away.

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What happens when you take a group of kinky writers with an interior set of dynamics and a 24/7 approach and you give them a platform? They start to worry about their employers finding out about things. That's why the PBC writes all of our kink from a female perspective and under the name Athena Monday. You know it's one of us, but the question each time is which one?

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