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Hi there and welcome! This is Cyborg Workshop, the new blog to succeed Shaping Clay as my main creative outlet. This one is going to work a little differently, though. As much fun as it was, Shaping Clay was a creative blog put together by a writer who was moving toward professionalism. It had a lot to say and I am proud of it, but it wasn’t really set up from the beginning to work as a professional tool. That’s why it started to fall apart a bit once my audience really took off and my duties with Autonomous Press became urgent. This new blog is going to be different. How? Good question.

For starters, this one is going to be a group effort. It will bemuch easier to keep you in touch with all the important topics of the day if I have some co-writers, so I am making this the official group blog of The Puzzlebox Collective. The Collective is a working artistic system that has helped to incubate my first few novels, and you will recognize the names of several of the members because they co-wrote poems with me that have appeared in The US BookBarking Sycamoresand elsewhere.

How is this going to work? Glad you asked.


Since this is a group blog, all of our member authors are going to be putting in work. That means you will see at least five different bylines, with additional “writers” popping up to represent collaborative work by more than one of us. Our creative work will range across fiction, poetry, drama, and maybe even some visual art, and you can expect to hear from diverse and divergent viewpoints when we publish that work.

It’s also going to be a while before you see any of it. For now, the Collective is only making its creative work avaialable to Patreon clients and to those who find us in the marketplace. (Hint: The best marketplaces for us are the AutPress Direct Store and Barking Sycamores, but there are others.) Once our Patreon grows, we will start adding more posts each week, we run features on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Here’s what you can expect to see in regular rotation:

  • Code School: These writing workshops will alternate between Lynn Vargas and Athena the Architect
  • Neurotropes: Pop culture, literature, and divergent thought by Michael Scott Monje, Jr.
  • Kink Talk: Essays by Athena Monday

In addition, Cyborg Workshop will also feature the kinds of musings and essays on the autistic experience that made Shaping Clay popular during its height, with contributions from all the autistic system members (basically all of us but Lynn). We will also be doing similar work on our experiences with transition, as three out of five of our Collective members are currently working through access to the resources we need to be happy.

How You Can Support Us

There are a few easy ways to help support Cyborg Workshop and the work that we do. The first is by purchasing any of the books Autonomous Press publishes, but especially the ones featuring work by our members. Currently, that would be all the titles by Michael Scott Monje, Jr. and all the anthologies. If you want to give us a little more support while getting something special, the Cyborg Workshop Patreon has options to receive subscriptions to all of my books or to the entire collection of works put out by the press. Smaller pledges get you access to shorter work as we produce it, as well as exclusive posts written just for patrons.

You can also keep reading here on Cyborg Workshop, because the Neurodiversity Matters blog network does pay its writers, and it makes its money from the page ads that you may or may not be able to see in place around me (depending on how quickly you read this post). For the first couple of weeks, I will be finalizing the layout here on the Workshop. Once I’m done with this pilot blog, though, we will be bringing in about a dozen new bloggers quickly while we stage the ad support. After that, we plan a second wave of about a dozen new blogs right away to help us push o the point where the front page of the site starts to really look like the vibrant, constantly updating news magazine we envision.

Last but not least, remember, if you like what you read, comment and reshare. That’s the best way to help us spread the word about both the blog and the new blog network.

Thanks, from myself and on behalf of the network!

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Michael Scott Monje, Jr. is the youngest member of The Puzzlebox Collective, and was its founder. Being a perpetual little, Princess will remain our youngest member even if we recruit. She is the author of the novel Nothing is Right and the co-author of Defiant, Imaginary Friends, Mirror Project, and The US Book. Those early Puzzlebox works were released solely under her name initially, but included work from Monday Dillon, Athena Lynn Michaels-Dillon, and "Clay" Dillon. She is currently writing Gaslight Village with Athena and has plans to retire from everything but the occasional blog post on the network.

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