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AMATERASU, Robin Scofield

April 12, 2018 barkingsycamores 0

Amaterasu: Japanese Goddess who Hides in a Cave While Crops Die until Her People Hold up a Mirror, and She Rejuvenates at the Sight of Herself by Robin Scofield When the sun’s rays decline, low […]

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QUILT #3, Ryan Leitner

April 10, 2018 barkingsycamores 0

[Image description: a portrait image depicting a series of quilt panels. Marbled patterns permeate through the entire image and change colors. The left edge features sky blue, white, and peach; orange, green, and white on the upper […]

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DIVERGENCE, Mackenzie Bush

April 7, 2018 barkingsycamores 0

Divergence by Mackenzie Bush Georgia has peaches like Michigan has lakes, like pounds have pit bulls that will never find “forever homes,” like girls with cold hands have abandonment issues. Peaches are everywhere: leering from […]

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March 29, 2018 barkingsycamores 0

Tethered Reality by Veronica Suarez Living in the whirlpool of my mind. Filth and all things crawling. Seesaw anxiety. Like stepping on a landfill of ants or swarms of Everglades mosquitoes. Or Greek olives, the […]

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Andy Hall

MOVEMENT #1, Andy Hall

March 24, 2018 barkingsycamores 0

[Image description: a landscape image with a deep navy blue background. A wolf-like creature with ten forelimbs sits in a pool of carmine-colored liquid, dripping streams of the same substance from their paws, fangs, and one deep […]

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