MUSIC, Cheryl Audet Lavoie

January 19, 2017 barkingsycamores 0

[Image description: a large, square background shows a swirl of watercolors, including shades of pinks, blues, purples, yellows, and golds. A human ear appears in the middle left region, and around it small vines with […]

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Alex Andy Phuong

KATE WINSLET, Alex Andy Phuong

January 17, 2017 barkingsycamores 0

Kate Winslet by Alex Andy Phuong On one Labor Day afternoon, while driving down a Revolutionary Road, a simple, all-American girl named Kate Winslet was searching for something to do for her summer vacation.  After […]

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January 14, 2017 barkingsycamores 0

Prometheus by David Lucas Days away from then, the sticks beneath your skin quiver at the disquietude; the tremors that come to greet a bounded consciousness. The only act of war that can be enacted […]

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TREATMENT, Shane Fallon

January 10, 2017 barkingsycamores 0

Treatment by Shane Fallon She has already eaten something today, that’s why. But they refuse to understand. Keep asking her if everything is okay. Three meals a day, they have always said. Anything else and […]

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January 8, 2017 barkingsycamores 0

[Image description: Against a white background six light blue birds wearing pink hats appear. Beneath them, we see a doubled image of a woman with light brown skin, peridot green eyes, and medium blue hair […]

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