GRAVITY, Tony Sandy

February 18, 2017 barkingsycamores 0

[Image description: Four concentric circles fill the image viewing area: the outer circle is bright red, followed by a magenta one, a purple one, and a blue one. Inside the blue center circle is the […]


SEPARATING, Barbara Ruth

February 11, 2017 barkingsycamores 0

[Image description: A sepia-toned photograph of a pathway, paved with wooden boards laid in a horizontal fashion. The pathway is edged by long, thin rails of wood. It continues over uneven ground, which is covered unevenly […]


MUSIC, Cheryl Audet Lavoie

January 19, 2017 barkingsycamores 0

[Image description: a large, square background shows a swirl of watercolors, including shades of pinks, blues, purples, yellows, and golds. A human ear appears in the middle left region, and around it small vines with […]

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