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CARNIVAL II, Cheryl Audet Lavoie

March 7, 2017 barkingsycamores 0

[Image description: A portrait orientation image of a watercolor painting depicting several multicolored shapes. Some have curly edges, as if like ocean waves. The image is in colors of blue, green, red, orange, yellow, teal […]

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March 2, 2017 barkingsycamores 0

[Image description: A landscape orientation image depicting several people in black and white. Some have short hair, others have long hair. They are wearing jackets, sweaters or buttoned shirts with collars. Some are smiling and […]

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DR. POPPER, Izaac Bacik

March 1, 2017 barkingsycamores 0

Dr. Popper by Izaac Bacik Unlike Mr. Popper, Dr. Popper does not have any penguins. Dr. George Popper, Ph.D., has no penguins- but he does have fish. There’s a fish tank in an office I’ve […]

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Benjamin Van Loon

ESTHER, SALVATION, Benjamin Van Loon

February 21, 2017 barkingsycamores 0

Esther, Salvation by Benjamin Van Loon My Esther, my comatose matchmaker, the commission to sell a set of artist templates, knowing already about the gig, about how it’s good talking to the comatose through translucent […]


GRAVITY, Tony Sandy

February 18, 2017 barkingsycamores 0

[Image description: Four concentric circles fill the image viewing area: the outer circle is bright red, followed by a magenta one, a purple one, and a blue one. Inside the blue center circle is the […]

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