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Welcome to Issue 15

June 1, 2018 barkingsycamores 0

[Image description:a portrait orientation image of the Issue 14 cover. The background is a shade of medium grey with a bluish tint. Up the left side, the words “Barking Sycamores” can be seen in bold […]

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Amber Renee


May 8, 2018 barkingsycamores 0

Universal Void Theory by Amber Renee Right now        there’s a storm raging on a planet far away, one you’ll never see, can hardly imagine, wasn’t even a thought, until I said something. Right now […]

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QUILT #7, Ryan Leitner

May 5, 2018 barkingsycamores 0

[Image description: a portrait orientation image in six panels, all of which contain multicolored marbled patterns. The first three, from left to right, are grey and white, olive green and white, and teal and rust orange; […]

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51-50, Jason Arment

May 3, 2018 barkingsycamores 0

51-50 by Jason Arment An old man in his late seventies sits outside of Mental Health & laments recent troubles “It just hasn’t been my month I can’t remember anything— lose stuff & miss appointments. […]

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