Therapy as a Full-Time Job
by Randal Mason 

You’ve been preparing for it
All day
It’s lodged in the back of your mind
Your attention now and then
Like the neighbor’s dog
When all you crave is quiet
You collect
The week’s worth of dreams—
And there have been some doozies—
Try and remember to eat
Or not eat too much
What are your issues with food again?
After more than a decade in therapy
You think you’d have this down
Steeling yourself
Preparing to open
And polish your obsidian core
To a dull shine
Find (appropriate) distraction
Where you will
But there are only so many meals in a day—
There we go, food again—
Only so many songs, cups of coffee
Only so many ways
To keep the dread at bay

Randal Mason is a writer who was born in central Pennsylvania, spent his formative years in Pittsburgh, and now lives in Takoma Park, Maryland. He is a regular contributor to the Huffington Post on issues in global development.

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