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Issue 15 Cover. Design: N.I. Nicholson
[Image description:a portrait orientation image of the Issue 14 cover. The background is a shade of medium grey with a bluish tint. Up the left side, the words “Barking Sycamores” can be seen in bold black capital letters. In the same font, “Issue 14” appears in the bottom right corner of the cover. In the center right of the cover, a bald humanoid figure with six insect-like wings sits, depicted on a white rectangular background. Their wings are tinted with shades of pink, red, orange, and gold. Their chest, check, and six hands are surrounded in a shimmery gold light.]

Introduction: Issue 15

As we head into our fifth year of publishing Barking Sycamores, we’re thrilled to continue featuring art and literature created by neurodivergent authors and writers. Our contributors keep surprising us with work that displays a full range of emotion and imagination. This includes literature and artworks that reveal the landscapes of their neurodivergent minds from the inside, as well as pieces that call us to shift how we see our world and challenge the lenses through which we view it.

Our unthemed Issue 15 is no different, and we’ve a wonderful mix of previous and new Sycamores contributors. Matthew Robb Brown returns to the journal with some brand-new work, along with several first-timers appearing in the journal: Samuel Ogunkoya, Jessica Gleason, Benjamin White, Yahaira Reyes, Forrest Evans, David Hobdy, Lowell Jaeger, Steven Carr, and Randal Mason. We’re proud to once again publish such a stunning body of work, and we invite you to read this issue as it rolls out over the next several weeks.


V.E. Maday
N.I. Nicholson
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Barking Sycamores is a literary journal entirely edited and operated by queer neurodivergent people of color. We publish poetry, artwork, short fiction (beginning with Issue 3), creative nonfiction (beginning with Issue 8), and hybrid genre work (beginning with Issue 9) by emerging and established neurodivergent writers as well as essays on neurodiversity and literature and book reviews (beginning with Issue 10).

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