QUILT #7, Ryan Leitner

Quilt #7, Ryan Leitner
[Image description: a portrait orientation image in six panels, all of which contain multicolored marbled patterns. The first three, from left to right, are grey and white, olive green and white, and teal and rust orange; the middle two are teal and rust orange, then blue, grey, and white; the final bottom panel is olive green and off-white.]
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Barking Sycamores is a literary journal entirely edited and operated by queer neurodivergent people of color. We publish poetry, artwork, short fiction (beginning with Issue 3), creative nonfiction (beginning with Issue 8), and hybrid genre work (beginning with Issue 9) by emerging and established neurodivergent writers as well as essays on neurodiversity and literature and book reviews (beginning with Issue 10).

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