Lotus Bloom Under the Sycamore Tree, Regg Davis
[Image description: a large round flower with a tall woody stalk fills most of the portrait-orientation image. The bloom is a deep fiery shade of rusty orange, and its corona-like shape takes up nearly the entire upper third of the frame. Beneath the flower sits a wiry wheel decorated in deep jewel-like tones. The words “Lotus bloom under the sycamore tree” appear in the lower right corner of the image in white handwritten script .]

Reggie Davis is a self-taught visual artist who’s also interested in the transformative, healing power of art: the transformative process that he sees as a metaphor for mental alchemy. Changing our experience of reality through the creative process that expands our intuitions, and offers us greater Illumination into our own self-mastery.

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Barking Sycamores is a literary journal entirely edited and operated by queer neurodivergent people of color. We publish poetry, artwork, short fiction (beginning with Issue 3), creative nonfiction (beginning with Issue 8), and hybrid genre work (beginning with Issue 9) by emerging and established neurodivergent writers as well as essays on neurodiversity and literature and book reviews (beginning with Issue 10).

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