STITCH, Mary Maroste

by Mary Maroste

             In my dreams, it is always quiet— 

                                      I am covered in toothpaste 
             & lavender oil. There is a scratch inside of my nose,
small caterpillars stitched into my palms with blue yarn.


             Buried in a leaf pile filled with crickets,
we crocheted cans of soda together
                                      & decided the last meal we ever ate 
would be served on a red tray with small pockets.

My brother told me I needed to stop dipping my fingers in boiling water
                        & the holes in my ears needed to heal.


             4 or 5 years ago, I lost a wooden dog 
named after my father &
                                       because both of his eyes fell out,
I drenched myself in the scent of cedar & pepper for weeks.


After dinner,
burns on the roof of my mouth bubble,
           turn white—

                      my bones become roots,
become the things I’ve let slip through my fingers,
           & I count my ribs.
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