The Future is a Spoon
by Sarah T. Jewell

My face looks upside down
in the curve of it. I sit on a train 
backwards, I look out the window 
as the world flashes red. I don’t know 
where I am going, I miss my home, 
now as small as a bug. 

I don’t use the spoon to stir my coffee, 
mixing the brown and white. I don’t 
crack an egg with the rim of it. I focus 
on the metal of the spoon, willing it to wilt, 
to melt with the power of my thoughts. I want 
it to droop like the head of an old rose.

The spoon stays solid and inscrutable.
The present is a fork and I bite
into the moment. The past is a knife,
it cuts into me. 

Scoop out the brains of the monkey,
calls the spoon, this is a delicacy.
As I taste them, the prions warp
my mind into a new shape.
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