SCRAPING, Nicole Hospital-Medina

by Nicole Hospital-Medina

writing all day is in the works for me.
I shovel out large helpings of my brain,
lay them on white,
squish them into vernacular,
scratch my itchy impulses to research.

it’s the pulse of a co-dependency,
ecstatic desire marked crookedly,
an unwholesome connection
being carried around like a skateboard,
or a boxy, dated laptop. 

I stack my nerves on bones
when I think of the others
who write all day— the dead poets,
the novelist who trims his beard,
shedding scraps of wasted time.

the odd woman in the attic,
living in an 8 x 10 in. frame,
sticking her pale mind to paper
with order and intention. She licks
the envelopes of her manuscripts,
a wet towel with nothing to wipe.

It’s cleaning a fish when I write,
picking at people and voices,
scraping out my ribs
where it all waits.
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