FLOWER GIRL, Jane Noel Dabate

Flower Girl
by Jane Noel Dabate

Feel what it means to be inside your body
but do not look down yet.
Instead look back
at the people who say they have blessed the earth with you.
Know that you are no more blessing
than these people are creators.
These people will always fear you.
Do not give them reason to.
When you grow up
and wish to feel fear yourself
find a creator worthy of your worship.
Meet the God with open petal palms
and show Them how you pray.
If the God is impressed, They will accept your devotions
but never forget that you came first. 
When you grow 
curious about your own origin
look to your roots.
Look to your feet planted in the soil
and see how you have sprouted from seedling. 
Redeem yourself from the God. 
You came first.
Jane Noel Dabate is a poet and writer from the Boston, Massachusetts area. She has been writing for several years and is inspired by favorite poets Mary Oliver, Sabrina Benaim, and Kendrick Lamar. In addition to writing, her passions include philosophy and political science. Her work has previously appeared in several journals, including Rattle Poetry Magazine.
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