ANCIENT WORLD TREE, Kristina Gerhmann

Ancient World Tree by Kristina Gehrmann
[Image description: a tall, dark brown trees with bare branches stands in the distance. The branches rise up into an overcast sky covered in ashen clouds. Behind the tree, a horizon of layered pink, gold, and lavender can be seen. The middle and foreground shows a field of green grass, and cluttered with smaller green trees. Two tents can be seen in the midground of the image, near the bottom and close to the right edge.]

Kristina Gerhmann is an illustrator and graphic novelist living and working in Hamburg and Meerbusch, Germany. She explores historical and fantasy subjects in a detailed painterly style inspired by classical Western artwork from the 17th to 19th century. Her preferred tools are a Wacom tablet and Photoshop, and her clients are mostly big and small publishing companies and self-publishers.Her graphic novel/comic debut Im Eisland tells the story of the lost Franklin Expedition in a trilogy of three comics, the first of which won the German Childrens‘ Literature Award in 2016.

She is also practically deaf since birth. Fortunately it was detected early, and she now uses two Cochlea implants to hear and communicate.

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