MAKE A DECISION, Nicole Hospital-Medina

Make a Decision
by Nicole Hospital-Medina

Change your mind.
Stick to this decision (honey as frosting).
Tell the world about it (the decision).
Tell them to adore it.
Tell them to sniff its golden color, its accepted & gooey scent.
Tell them to touch it, with or without gloves.
Remind your mother over & over.
Eventually, tell your father.
Tell them it’s right (about the sweetness).
Assure. Reassure. Swab (with adhesive).
Stay glued to this decision.
Stay calm and absorbed by it (fragrant goop).
Swim around in it until it turns into the city’s largest water tower.
Swim in precise circles (fatigue and crave a juice box).
Get dehydrated.
Get seasick.
Get disgusted
disgusted by your decision.
Spit like you’ve eaten something bad or rancid (expired frosting) 
(you may use the napkin).
Get disgusted by yourself.
Paint a mirror with old and thick frosting (matte & clumpy); use a broken spatula.
Wipe off the glop (with that napkin), then look at your face. Wince.
Decide you’re not fit to make decisions.
Decide to change your mind.
Change your mind.
Nicole Hospital-Medina earned her MFA at the University of Miami where she now instructs writing fulltime. Her poems can be read in the anthology, Women Write Resistance: Poets Resist Gender Violence, as well as in CURA: A Journal of Art and Action, The Miami Herald, Linden Lane Magazine, Paper Nautilus, Blunderbuss Magazine, The Acentos Review and more. She authors and designs, and Nicole, teacher, Floridian, surfer, sailor, artist and environmentalist, ventures to write. She is a poet-activist.
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