Issue 13

Issue 13. Cover Artist: Kristina Gehrmann
[Image description: The cover of Barking Sycamores Issue 13. The background is dark forest green, with “Barking Sycamores” printed up the left side in large purple-grey serif capital letters. In the same font and color, the words “Issue 13” appear in the lower right corner of the cover. In the center right of the cover, a painting of a landscape appears. The bottom of the painting shows clumps of purple, blue, yellow, and white blossoms. A stout, broad-shouldered person dressed in dark-colored trousers, a wide-brimmed straw hat, and a tunic stands, their back facing the viewer while holding a tall walking stick. They stand, looking out over a village of white square buildings with tan roofs on a seashore. In the center right of the image, a few yards away from the person, a golden ring studded with gemstones and with a large diamond solitaire is floating in mid-air. In the ocean off in the distance, a collection of greyish-purple octopus tentacles rises up from the water’s surface.]
One constant of human existence is this: We’re indomitable. Our favorite time-traveling eccentric blue box resident has said so in multiple instances, and we suspect she’ll see more examples as she meets new companions, encounters new life, and battles the usual army of exterminating eldritch beings in tin cans.
Of course, the Doctor isn’t the only one to affirm how tenacious humanity is. She’s joined by a chorus of voices from people, both in this version of spacetime and in other realities considered fictional. As we reviewed the work submitted to us for Issue 13, we saw more evidence of this tenacity.
We don’t know how much longer the age of Trump will last, but the poems, creative nonfiction, and art we chose spoke to a wide range of themes. We saw humans creating works depicting love, loss, sexuality, unsettling visions, nightmares, and uncertainty. We saw individuals confront their fears of death, question and defy gender roles and norms, shift the lenses through which they view the world, dissect politics, and call attention to injustices suffered by marginalized groups of people.
We’re privileged to take the poetry, creative nonfiction, and art we’ve been gifted by all the amazing authors and artists in Issue 13 and share it with our readers. Our cover features a painting, “Thalassa,” by German artist Kristina Gerhman. This issue also includes work from previous Sycamores contributors Athena Lynn Michaels-Dillon, Sean J Mahoney, and Robert Beveridge as well as work by new contributors Hilary Biehl, Johanne Boulat, Jane Noel Dabate, Fabias M V, Gabe Hales, Nicole Hospital-Medina, Tushar Jain, Sarah T. Jewell, Mary Maroste, Matthew Moynihan, Ashley Park Owens, Simon Perchik, Jesse Rice-Evans, and Hannah Soyer.
Thank you for reading, supporting, and sharing our journal! It means a lot to us, and we keep looking forward to the future.
N.I. Nicholson
V.E. Maday
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