DNR, A.J. Odasso

by A.J. Odasso

I am so thin, reads the mimeograph, final line
in my great-grandmother's letter. Records say
it was consumption that killed her, slow wasting-
away of hunger and breath. I am so thin, she says
again, her last graphite-scrawl a repetition.


I have known fever, fire gone viral in my blood 
after swift incubation. H1N1-haunted dreams
raised my temp to a hundred and three. I lay 
raving for days while the NHS Direct hotline
told my partner to keep me warm. I think I'm
dying, I rasped, grabbing the phone. I'm afraid.


Clean typeface in lieu of scrawling, nib-fine
ascenders scaffold a loved-one's living will.
Do not resuscitate, it says, deceptively brief
with dotted I and curtly-crossed Ts. We are so
thin, I think, signing the paper. We are so thin.
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