[The Beef Is Produced Inside A Multitude Of Cruelty]

most of which I choose to ignore or don’t 
choose to ignore but ignore anyway 
because of simple frailty of mind

Those who encourage dancing know the way out
of certain struggles is to dance and fuck 
and hope you’re not caught in the sunlight 

Cancerous is the subject but what can you do
burning alive in 1952 when the earth is a kind of pot 
discover the earth unearth the pot deliver the kindness

fuck that 
I’d rather be an imaginary friend 
one who comforts you when the ocean does not help 

according to the science 
I am purportedly alive but science 
who trusts him not to slip something in the drink

Jesus man
I’ve been burning this entire ceremony 
The cornerstone of every healthy relationship 

dressed as a Japanese war hero 
entering war once again 
because she doesn’t know how else to act 

refusing the tumor 
is not a choice 
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