Mung Isoh Ndelik, by Nizamt
Mung Isoh Ndelik, by Nizamt
[Image description: A portrait orientation image of a lush, green scene filled with large, fleshly green leaves. Several fox heads can be seen, partially hidden in the leaves, their heads from their snouts upward poking out of the vegetation. Each has a pair of aquamarine eyes staring ahead at the viewer. Two of the foxes — one in the upper left corner and one in the center right edge of the image — appear to have a silver fish trapped between their jaws. In the center of the image, a person with light tan skin and long, auburn hair appears, staring ahead with bright emerald green eyes. One of the fox heads appears to rest on top of their head, as if a mask peeled up and away from their face. ]

‘Mung Isoh ‘Ndelik (I Can Only Hide) Accompanying Text

(original Javanese text)
Aku ora pengen kabeh do ngerti yen aku loro, aku luwih aman yen ngeneki, dadi koyo sing liyane, atiku sakjane nyesek, tapi, aku luwih aman.

(English translation)
I do not want them to know that I’m not normal, I’m more secure like this, so like the others, though my heart hurts, but I’m more secure

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