Mereka Bilang (They Said), Nizamt
[Image description: A landscape orientation image depicting several people in black and white. Some have short hair, others have long hair. They are wearing jackets, sweaters or buttoned shirts with collars. Some are smiling and laughing; one in the top left corner appears in a side profile, exhaling smoke. In the foreground, a person with medium brown skin, deep amber eyes, and dark sienna-colored hair can be seen. Their face is visible from the bottom of their nose up to the top of their head as they cast a glance to the right side of the image’s frame. ]

Mereka Bilang (They Said) Accompanying Text

(original text in Bahasa Indonesia)

Mereka bilang . . . Aku sakit
Mereka bilang . . . Aku tak normal
Mereka bilang . . . Aku adalah bencana
Mereka bilang . . . Aku adalah neraka
Mereka bilang. . . mereka bilang. . . mereka bilang. . .
Apa aku pantas diperlakukan seperti sampah !
Aku hanya Gay, Aku juga manusia !

(English translation)
They say . . . I am sick
They say . . . I’m not normal
They say . . . I’m a disaster
They say . . . I’m hell
They say. . . they say . . . they say . . .
Do I deserve to be treated like rubbish!
I’m only Gay, I’m human too!

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