GRAVITY, Tony Sandy

Gravity, Tony Sandy
Gravity, Tony Sandy
[Image description: Four concentric circles fill the image viewing area: the outer circle is bright red, followed by a magenta one, a purple one, and a blue one. Inside the blue center circle is the outline of a grey humanoid figure. Inside the figure are several small circles moving with comet-like trails behind them. The figure is curled up, knees almost to their chest.]
Tony Sandy lives in Scotland with his wife and two dogs. He hasn’t had much published, except on his own websites and social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. He has had pieces published in Aspies United, a UK journal aimed at the British autistic community, run by the National Autistic Society. This includes letters, artwork and the occasional short story but mostly articles on this subject. He has also written a series of work books on teaching English for literacy purposes and a joke book, that have had the most success but still not much.

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