Didalam Diriku, by Nizamt
Didalam Diriku, by Nizamt
[Image description: A person with short chestnut hair and light tan skin is visible from almost the waist up, and shirtless. They are medium-built, with a muscular chest and muscular arms. Their hands are folded together, their eyes are closed, and their head is bowed, as if in prayer. They are surrounded by lush, dark green leaves in both the foreground and background.]

Didalam Diriku (Inside Of Me) Accompanying Text

(original text in Bahasa Indonesia)
Entah apa terjadi
Kenyataan mencekikku
Ilusi dan dunia menjadi satu
Aku tak ingin tertipu
Tapi aku telah masuk
Dalam rumitnya lingkaran masalah.
Aku hanya ingin sendiri
Bersama diriku
Diriku yang hanya mengerti pikiranku
Hanya diriku

(English Translation)
I wonder what happened
The fact strangling me
Illusion and the world mixed into one
I don’t want to be fooled
But I’ve been entered
In the complicated circle of problems.
I just want to be alone
only with myself
only myself that understand my minds
only myself

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