MUSIC, Cheryl Audet Lavoie

Music, by Cheryl Audet Lavoie
Music, by Cheryl Audet Lavoie
[Image description: a large, square background shows a swirl of watercolors, including shades of pinks, blues, purples, yellows, and golds. A human ear appears in the middle left region, and around it small vines with leaves grow and extend outward into the rest of the frame. A musical staff extends up and to the right, and birds fly upward from the ear and the staff. ]

Cheryl Audet Lavoie holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from MassArt in Boston, Massachusetts. She studied portraiture in Garmisch, Germany and shows her work in Alexandria, Virginia, and Panama City, Florida. Other credits include membership in the Arlington Arts Printmakers and a featured solo show in Washington, DC. She continues her education with courses in Watercolor, Computer Art and Printmaking. Her work hangs in homes across the country.

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