Issue 11

Issue 11 Sycamores Cover
Cover Art: Ambigu (Ambiguous) by Nizamt
[Image description: Against a white background six light blue birds wearing pink hats appear. Beneath them, we see a doubled image of a woman with light brown skin, peridot green eyes, and medium blue hair wearing red lipstick and drinking fizzy light blue liquid from a glass through a pink-and-white striped straw.  The images of her are placed back-to-back and facing in opposite directions, one towards the left and one towards the right. The blue birds have russet brown feathers that drape down in between the images of the women. ]
As we near the end of Barking Sycamores‘ third year of publication, we the editors continue to look back in amazement at how we’ve developed. The ongoing dedication by our readership and the fact that we’ve consistently received outstanding work by our contributors have ensured this publication’s growth and success.
Additionally, our initial partnership with Autonomous Press to begin producing a printed yearly anthology was a major step for us in a positive direction. When we joined the AutPress family in March 2016, it allowed us more opportunities for continued growth. One move towards a bigger and better future for this journal is our migration to the Neurodiversity Matters blog network. As this network expands, it will feature brilliant, stunningly written, and transformative work by authors whose voices are typically marginalized in mainstream publishing and media. We’re also looking forward to the release of Barking Sycamores: Year Two in the Spring of 2017, as well as more e-book releases of our single issues to expand our reach and accessibility.
Issue 11 offers perhaps the most diverse collection of authors and artists we’ve seen since the inception of the journal. Featured inside is work by an amazing range of voices from the United States and beyond. We’re proud to host poems, artwork, and creative nonfiction by long-time contributors Barbara Ruth and Christopher Wood-Robbins. At the same time, many of the pieces in Issue 11 are by voices new to our journal, such as Charlene Ashley Taylor, Logan February, Dexter Gore, Alex Andy Phuong and Nizamt, our cover artist who hails from Indonesia. Besides the brilliant, vibrant artwork that appears on our cover, you’ll be treated to additional pieces by them as this issue rolls out.
We’re not sure what 2017 will bring, but we keep a positive attitude and our dedication to bringing you a journal featuring a wide range of neurodivergent voices. Thank you for your readership, submissions, sharing on social media, and your support.
N.I. Nicholson
V. Solomon Maday
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Barking Sycamores is a literary journal entirely edited and operated by queer neurodivergent people of color. We publish poetry, artwork, short fiction (beginning with Issue 3), creative nonfiction (beginning with Issue 8), and hybrid genre work (beginning with Issue 9) by emerging and established neurodivergent writers as well as essays on neurodiversity and literature and book reviews (beginning with Issue 10).

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