Ambigu (Ambiguous), by Nizamt
[Image description: Against a white background six light blue birds wearing pink hats appear. Beneath them, we see a doubled image of a woman with light brown skin, peridot green eyes, and medium blue hair wearing red lipstick and drinking fizzy light blue liquid from a glass through a pink-and-white striped straw.  The images of her are placed back-to-back and facing in opposite directions, one towards the left and one towards the right. The blue birds have russet brown feathers that drape down in between the images of the women. ]

Ambigu (Ambiguous) Accompanying Text

(Bahasa Indonesian version)
Terkadang hidup membingungkanku, banyak pikiran yang terbang diluar sana, kemudian hinggap di kepalaku, dan itu membuatku menjadi terjebak dalam pilihan yang sulit, pikiranku seperti mendua, hatiku ingin bebas, tapi pikiranku ingin realitas, aku takut memilih, aku takut salah, aku takut mereka kecewa !

(Engish translation-adaptation)
Sometimes life like puzzles, many thoughts fly out there, then landed on my head, and it made me become trapped in a difficult choice, mind as ambiguous, my heart wants to be free, but my mind want reality, I’m afraid to choose, I’m afraid of, I’m afraid they disappointed!

Nizamt is a 20 year-old student of Art, Textiles and Design at the National University of Indonesia. He adores art and fashion. He hopes becoma a comic artist and fashion illustrator. He specialises in illustrations with an LGBT theme. Instagram: @nizamt_nizamt
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