Here’s what you need to know about commenting in my space.

1. Comments are moderated.

Your first comment might take a while to show up. Please don’t resubmit it or leave the same comment on multiple posts. That’s a good way to get sent to spam.

2. Reasons your comment might get deleted instead of published:

– it’s negative, rude, hurtful, abusive, thoughtless, or violates a clearly stated boundary
– it perpetuates harmful assumptions, stereotypes, or tropes
– it’s self-serving spam
– it’s inaccessible to me (a text wall, in a language I don’t read, etc.)
– I have decided you are a troll who is not worth feeding

Sometimes, I get a comment that provides such a good object lesson that I decide it deserves its own blog post, instead of being hidden away in the comments thread. If you become an object lesson, you will generally not be given the chance to comment. Consider this before you post.

3. After your first comment is approved, followup comments will not be moderated.

You managed to meet basic standards of commenting decency. Yay!

If you proceed to abuse this privilege (see #2 above), however, I may do any or all of the following:

  1. Ban you
  2. Delete your comments
  3. Edit your comments in ways you will not find pleasant
  4. Make an object lesson of you

Remember: the owners of blogs, pages, or other Internet spaces owe you nothing.  Not a hearing, not a platform, not their time. Nothing.  If you wish to hold forth, get your own blog.

4. None of the above violates your free speech rights.

You’re free to request a primer on First Amendment law from me, billed at my usual hourly rate.

Don’t live in the United States?  Then your free speech rights are even more limited than they are in the U.S., which means that this policy still does not violate your rights.

Most of the commenters here are awesome people. These rules are designed to support that vibe.