Where to Find Good Information on Autism

One of the most popular questions in online autism/autistic communities, asked of autistic people directly, etc. is “Where can I find good information on autism?”

My thumbs are tired of typing out a reading list every time I run across this question, and I don’t always carry a bibliography with me. So here is a list of books, blogs, articles, and so on that cover autism-related topics from an #actuallyautistic, pro-neurodiversity perspective.


All The Weight of Our Dreams, ed. Lydia X. Z. Brown, E. Ashkenazy, and Morénike Giwa Onaiwu
The Real Experts, 
ed. Michelle Sutton
Typed Words, Loud Voices, ed. Amy Sequenzia and Ibby Grace
The ABCs of Autism Acceptance, Sparrow Rose Jones
War on Autism, Anne McGuire
Autism and Gender, Jordynn Jack
Constructing Autism, Majia Holmer Nadesan
Olga Bogdashina (generally)
An ever-expanding segment of the Autonomous Press catalog. (Full Disclaimer: I am AutPress’s legal coordinator, a member of the editing team, and an occasional contributor.)


Clinically Significant Disturbance: On Theorists Who Theorize Theory of Mind, Melanie Yergeau (n.b.: Melanie also has a book coming out shortly that promises to be every bit as good as this article)
The Pathos of Mindblindness: Autism, Science, and Sadness in Theory of Mind Narratives, John Duffy and Rebecca Dorner
The Misbehavior of Behaviorists, Michelle Dawson
Stories of Autism: What the Rise of Books on Autism Tells Us About, Well, Autism, Dani Alexis Ryskamp
Neurodiversity’s Lingua Franca?: The Wild Iris, Autobiography of Red, and the Breakdown of Cognitive Barriers Through Poetic Language, Dani Alexis Ryskamp (Full Disclaimer: this is me)


Neurocosmpolitanism, Nick Walker
Radical Neurodivergence Speaking, Kassiane Asasumasu
Yes, That Too, Alyssa Hillary (n.b. – Alyssa has published in a number of other venues as well, all of which are spectacular)
Ollibean, Amy Sequenzia (Ollibean is a collaborative effort, and many of the other authors are well worth reading; the link here goes to Amy’s work on autism)
With A Smooth Round Stone, Mel Baggs
Un-Boxed Brain, Cas Faulds
We Are Like Your Child (collaborative)

Orgs That Write Things (and do other important work)

Parenting Autistic Children With Love and Acceptance (PACLA)
Respectfully Connected
Tone It Down Taupe
Autism Women’s Network

While this list is hardly exhaustive, and will probably be updated many times as I remember pieces that are currently slipping my mind, it’s a solid start.

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