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  1. Regarding what you said about effort, that is the reason why I don’t feel comfortable defining meltdowns as being a “total loss of control”. After all, while in meltdown mode, I can still redirect emotional impulses and possibly even rein in the meltdown – with massive effort that’s not worth making unless under immediate threat and the risk of it turning into a shutdown instead. In other words, this way of framing “can’t” even affects how I view meltdowns – you are basically out of control during a meltdown for practical purpose, even if you still have a modicum of control left, because the control you can exert during a meltdown is either immensely costly, or good only for reducing the impact of a meltdown and only to a limited degree, as opposed to stopping it altogether ; for those who do manage to stop meltdowns, the spoon cost of that effort may be taken out of something else important instead, like schoolwork, for instance (Homeschoolers Anonymous has a story with an example of that kind of phenomenon, and one of the comments in that article points it out).

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