Autism Locked Me Out of My Computer and Ruined Our Lives: BE AWARE

Ever since Beighbee’s diagnosis, I’ve been blogging about my journey as an Autism Mom. I feel it’s important to tell the world how incredibly difficult autism is. People need to be aware that they were entitled to a healthy, normal kid, and instead they got this weird little monster who has a slight cold and can’t drink any orange juice, because autism drank it all first.

A lot of people don’t know that autism will drink all your orange juice, much less that autism will then put the empty container back in the refrigerator. There’s a wide-ranging conspiracy to keep that information hidden from the American public, probably so they can make another X-Files movie about it. Ever since that fateful May (or was it October? I forget) day I took Beighbee to the doctor, I’ve been working tirelessly to ensure the public is informed about the incredible dangers of autism.

Well, now I can’t even do that.

While I was in the shower, autism changed the password on my laptop AND my phone, completely locking me out of the two devices I need to connect to other autism parents and let them know that they CAN save their children from the horrors of no orange juice. Now I have no Internet access at all, which is why I’m shouting this blog post into our all-natural rain barrel (installed to protect Beighbee from further brain damage caused by no orange juice).

There is NO ASPECT of our lives that autism doesn’t touch. Autism pervades millions of American households. Is yours next? BE AWARE.

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