Autism Drank All Our Orange Juice and Ruined Our Lives: BE AWARE

I will never forget the day autism entered our lives.

It was a bright, sunny day in October. Or was it May? Whatever. Anyway, I thought it was just another, normal day, with a doctor’s visit for our son Beighbee. The doctor’s office was busy as always, but I had felt for several days that something was “off” with Beighbee. Our doctor, after looking at my son for 20 minutes which is definitely not long enough to diagnose anything, concluded that it was “just a cold” and sent us home with instructions to give Beighbee children’s Tylenol and lots of fluids.

I wish I had known then to ask more questions.

As soon as we got home, I put Beighbee to bed and went out to the refrigerator. I figured I would give him orange juice, even though it was the middle of the day, because orange juice is Beighbee’s favorite and the doctor said that fluids wouldn’t do any good if Beighbee wasn’t actually drinking them.

But that was when I got the shock of my life. The orange juice carton was empty! Beighbee had to drink Kool-Aid, and I was devastated. How could autism just sneak into my home like this while we were at the doctor’s office, drink all the orange juice, and leave the empty container in the fridge?

Awareness is so important. Autism could drink your orange juice too, the moment your back is turned. It ruined our lives. BE AFRAID.

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