2017 Autism Satire Series!

An April satire series has become a tradition for me. In 2015, I launched the satire blog Field Notes on Allistics. In 2016, I wrote thirty days of “Autistic Woman” doing INSPIRING things like drinking orange juice, updating Facebook, and metabolizing glucose. Satire is how I survive a month of “awareness” that people like me shouldn’t exist. It’s how I help others survive the same month. It’s my personal spoon knife.

This year, I had trouble deciding what the satire of choice should be. More Field Notes? Should Autistic Woman do thirty more INSPIRING! things? Or should I go in another direction entirely?

To that end, I created a poll:

This year’s satire series should be (choose as many as you like, winner takes all):

__ Autistic Woman Does 30 More INSPIRING! Things!

__ You Weren’t Aware These 30 Things Caused Autism but BE AFRAID

__ Autism Scratched All My DVDs, Drank All the Orange Juice, and Otherwise Ruined Our Lives: BE AWARE

__ More from that Field Notes on Allistics family. Whatever happened to them, anyway?

The winner, with 60.4% of the vote: AUTISM RUINED OUR LIVES.

The series starts tomorrow. Let’s survive April together.

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